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Alluring Pokémon

0'08" / 0.2 m

0.2 lbs. / 0.1 kg

Water Absorb / Cursed Body / Alluring Glow

Evolutions & Formes

Base Forme


Anglure often live in sunken ships found in deep oceans. It is thought of that Anglure are the reason those ships sunk in the first place. Because of this, professors think Anglure sink the ships to get a home for their group.

The light they emit is seen from deep within the ocean and raises the curiousity of those that see it. Enough so to lead them on a wrong path that usually leads to tragedies. 

Due to their looks, people often think they're part Water-type or even part Fire-type, but they're actually Ghost and Light-type. Their ability to use Water-type and Fire-type attacks leads to even more of a confusion. Funnily enough, it is believed that they're passed versions of another Pokémon which looks like a Water-type Pokémon, but are actually electric. Although this belief has yet to be confirmed by professors.

Despite not being Water-type, some Anglure have the ability Water Absorb, which restores its health when hit by a water type attack. Other Anglure may have the horrifying ability known as Cursed Body, which means there is a chance that the move that hits Anglure gets disabled!

Very rarely, their Alluring Glow is used in battle. It forces opponents into attacking Anglure. It is believed that every Anglure has this ability, but only a few are willing to use it in battle, as the others fear being attacked.



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