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In the depths of the universe, there was sure to be a type that could not be found on our world. While the type's official name is unknown, it is simply referred to as Cosmic-type, as it is a type not natively from this world.

With this, you'll find that a lot of these Cosmic Pokémon have powers not usually found native to this world, leading to otherworldly advantages over other types, with tricks that can only be used by extraterrestrial beings. One advantage being that it has the most immunities of any type.


Super Effective against:

Resisted by:

Incapable of damaging:



Weak against:

Strongly resists:

Immune To:


Re-typed Older Pokémon

035. Clefairy = Fairy/Cosmic

036. Clefable = Fairy/Cosmic

121. Starmie = Water/Cosmic

173. Cleffa = Fairy/Cosmic

337. Lunatone = Rock/Cosmic

338. Solrock = Rock/Cosmic

385. Jirachi = Steel/Cosmic

386. Deoxys = Cosmic

484. Palkia = Cosmic/Dragon

488. Cresselia = Cosmic/Psychic

491. Darkrai = Cosmic/Dark

518. Musharna = Psychic/Cosmic

605. Elgyem = Cosmic

606. Beheeyem = Cosmic

789. Cosmog = Cosmic

790. Cosmoem = Cosmic

791. Solgaleo = Cosmic/Steel

792. Lunala = Cosmic/Ghost

800. Necrozma = Cosmic

Cosmic Type

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