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Crystal Ampharos

Light Pokémon

Cloud Fluff

4'07" / 1.4 m

135.6 lbs. / 61.5 kg

Evolutions & Formes

Base Forme

Level 15

Level 30


While Mega Ampharos looks mightier than normal Ampharos, Crystal Ampharos takes it a step back and grows a comfortable fluffy coat... With crystals sticking out and hidden within it that are supercharged with electricity.

The first time Ampharos Crystallized, it was the Ampharos of a lone farmer. Due to Ampharos regaining its fluff in Crystallization, the farmer came up with a brilliant idea. He and his partner Ampharos would Crystallize and then shear away the fluff, go back to the regular forme and then Crystallize again even more. This generated an infinite amount of wool and made the farmer very rich. However, due to complaints from other farmers and the people selling the wool, Crystal Ampharos wool was outlawed as it'd have a disastrous effect on other farmers.

However, Crystal Ampharos is best used in battle. Sporting huge Special Attack and Special Defense, it is a master of the Special category. But it is also very, very slow. But due to its ability Cloud Fluff, even Contacting Moves such as Fire Punch and Blaze Kick do 25% less damage, making up for its slow nature. Cloud Fluff also has the added benefit of absorbing Electric Attacks and boosting the user's Special Attack with the added electricity.

Other news:

-Mareep, Flaaffy and Ampharos have been retyped to Light/Electric.

-Mega Ampharos has been retyped to Light/Dragon

Crystal Ampharos

Mega Evolution

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