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Crystal Beedrill

Poison Bee Pokémon

Crystal Stinger

4'07" / 1.4 m

89.3 lbs. / 40.5 kg

Evolutions & Formes

Base Forme

Level 7

Level 10


Beedrill were already extremely vicious Pokémon but Crystal Beedrill takes the cake when it comes to its own recklessness.

The first encounter with a Crystal Beedrill is now a well-known tale told to children to make sure they stay away from Beedrill. A Bug Maniac found a hive of Beedrill and decided to inspect it. Being very careful not to break anything, but the Beedrill were suspicious anyway, desiring to protect their Weedle and Kakuna.

The maniac accidentally stepped on something and a glow came from one of the Beedrill. The Crystal Beedrill went absolutely berserk, attacking not only the maniac but other Beedrill as well. The only reason it was stopped was with the power of a Crystal Vespiquen and the fact that all of Crystal Beedrill's attacks hurt it as well.

Crystal Beedrill is extremely dangerous, you see. Unlike other Beedrill, it actually has good enough defenses to not get knocked out by even some weaker attacks. It also has a pretty high Attack stat and Speed stat. But what makes it really dangerous is the new ability, Crystal Stinger, which doubles the power of all of Crystal Beedrill's attacks, but they also do significant recoil damage.

Crystal Beedrill

Mega Evolution

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