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Crystal Blastoise

Shellfish Pokémon

Crystal Torrent

5'03" / 1.6 m

562.2 lbs. / 255.0 kg

Evolutions & Formes

Base Forme

Level 16

Level 36


"Immovable Object" would be an understatement when it comes Crystal Blastoise. Its opponent's first mistake was thinking they had a chance. The second? Taking a moment to realize it.

While the fabled battle between Crystal Charizard and Blastoise was the first time in recorded history that Crystal Blastoise was seen, there was one time before it that Crystal Blastoise made an appearance. It was even more of a disaster. 

While trying to fight the fire that was burning down a huge building, a glow flew through the sky, presumed to be the Legendary Crystal Pokémon, and one of the firefighting Blastoise suddenly Crystallized. Its Hydro Pump was enough to douse the fire and put it out... but it also destroyed the entire building. 

When Crystallized, Blastoise loses almost all of its Speed immediately, making it one of the slowest fully evolved Pokémon alive. In return, however, its defenses are boosted immensely, as well as getting a Special Attack boost that would make Legendary Pokémon fear it. Coupled with Crystal Torrent, none of its opponents will be able to resist Water-type attacks coming from this massive cannon.

Crystal Blastoise is also one of the strongest Pokémon if coupled with another Pokémon who can learn Trick Room.


-Originally, Crystal Blastoise's cannon was going to be 1.5x bigger than the current design, however it could no longer fit into the shell in a good looking way, plus it'd be impossible to make a good sprite for, so the cannon was sized down.

Crystal Blastoise

Mega Evolution

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