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Crystal Delibird

Delivery Pokémon

Merry Crystmas

2'11″ / 0.9 m

35.3 lbs. / 16.0 kg

Evolutions & Formes

It was the night before Christmas in the Johto region. The houses glowing with their marvelous decorations, the hearths as warm and soothing as the embers of Magby and a jolly cloud covering the air. Happy families dining, the lights around the region shining, with no sign of any despair.

But alas, not all families were so glad. A good few poor families, all moody and sad. Their Christmas filled with gloom, caused by poverty and an undecorated room. "Does Santa not love me?", asked little Timmy with a tear on his face. The father remained silent, as he dared not to tell about his disgrace. The night was young, yet little Timmy went to bed. A gloomy room, the father fled.

He looked at the sky, with his wet eye. "Please, Original One. Grant me just one wish. One happy Christmas, with happy children and a delicious dish." As the night sky fell, the father upset, unknowing what his family was about to get. 

A loud sound played outside, like a jingle of joy. A Crystal Delibird, making sure this Christmas was one to enjoy. The family rushed outside with smiles on display. No longer did their Christmas look quite so grey. Little Timmy received an expensive toy, his face showing unbreakable joy. The mother received many decorations and lights, so that even her house can glow these Christmas nights. The father got a delicious feast, even luxury meals from the far east! But most importantly, the family got their merry Christmas this year, thanks to a Crystal Delibird which they now hold dear!

Aside from cheering up families, Crystal Delibird is also quite interesting in battle. While still not one of the strongest Pokémon, its ability, Merry Crystmas, significantly changes the move Present. It will heal allies or hurt foes depending on their happiness. The healing/damage done to a Pokémon is quite significant, with the move having a base power of 150 against foes with low Happiness and healing high-happiness allies for about 70%! The move is also changed to Crystal-type, making it neutral to all other types! 

Crystal Delibird

Base Forme


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