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Crystal Delta Metagross

Ruined Pokémon

Weak Armor

5'03" / 1.6 m

1212.5 lbs. / 550.0 kg

Evolutions & Formes

Base Forme

Level 20

Level 45


The peculiar Delta Metagross does, strangely enough, have a Crystallization, despite the normal Metagross not having a Crystallization yet.

This is due to the Crystallization being found by Team Vitreus. It was created from the Crystal Energy and the peculiar Delta Pokémon found in the Torren Region. This very Crystallization was given to a Vitreus Admin that came from the Torren region.

However, due to the Crystallization being a transformation of a Delta Pokémon, Metagross's armor takes a massive hit. Its ability is Weak Armor, meaning its new crystal armor will break more with every attack. This does, however, make this Pokémon way faster for every attack it endures. Combine that speed increase with its absolutely massive Attack stat, you'd have to make sure to knock it out before it gets too fast.


-This Pokémon and all formes of its evolutionary line also appear in another Pokémon fangame, Pokémon Insurgence, and is part of a crossover between two fangames. Do check out Pokémon Insurgence for more information on these Delta Pokémon!

Crystal Delta Metagross

Mega Evolution

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