Crystal Empoleon


Emperor Pokémon


5'11" / 1.8 m

208.6 lbs. / 94.6 kg

Evolutions & Formes

Base Forme

Level 16

Level 36


Good Pokémon need a good leader. And sometimes, the trainer is not enough. That's where Crystal Empoleon comes in, to be a great ruler and a great ally.

Crystal Empoleon stands atop as the peak of the water monarchy. Yet oddly enough, compared to other Crystallizations, its not that powerful. But looks can be deceiving, as its not just Empoleon that someone should worry about. Its very presence allows its followers to surpass the potential of their species.

There once was a trainer who tried to defeat the Sinnoh league with Crystal Empoleon. Unfortunately, he was quite a foolish trainer, so none of his other Pokémon really benefited from Crystal Empoleon being there. Always remember to have a good team!

And why is that? Because Crystal Empoleon has the unique ability known as Monarch. Monarch has no direct effect on Empoleon itself, but all of the Pokémon in the user's party have become much more powerful as long as Crystal Empoleon hasn't vanished from the party or hasn't been knocked out. The limit to this is that it only affects Pokémon that share a type with the Monarch, so in this case, only Water and/or Crystal type Pokémon benefit from it. Better learn to do something about that shared weakness on your team!

Crystal Empoleon


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