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Crystal Florges

Garden Pokémon

Flower Veil

4'03" / 1.3 m

33.1 lbs. / 15.0 kg

Evolutions & Formes

While Crystallization is known for increasing power more than anything else, with Florges, the benefits of Crystallization definitely also affect its beauty.

Crystal Florges is one of the loveliest sights in the world, rivalling even Milotic and Diancie. Most people will never see it in their entire lifetime, but the beauty of this Crystallized garden Pokémon is said to bring a good future to those that see it. This is due to its first sighting being at a wedding where everyone in the room managed to later in life find a great life partner, which to some people seems like too much of a coincidence to actually be one.

In battle, Crystal Florges is no pushover either. A massive Special Defense and Special Attack make it a very special Pokémon. Not only that, those stats can not go lower, as its ability Flower Veil prevents the user's stats from getting lowered, as well as preventing the stats of allies getting lowered, meaning it is quite a good supporting Pokémon as well!

Crystal Florges

Base Forme

Level 19

Shiny Stone


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