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Crystal Froslass

Snow Land Pokémon

Winter Spirit

4'03" / 1.3 m

58.6 lbs. / 26.6 kg

Evolutions & Formes

Base Forme

Mega Evolution

Dawn Stone, Female


The cold harsh lands Froslass are found in are rather lonely and Froslass are known to be cursed Pokémon due to their Ghost typing. Crystal Froslass affects Froslass's very soul, giving it the properties of a blizzard. Anything touched by Froslass's spirit is instantly frozen, and the spirit ever expands.

The first encounter with Crystal Froslass was a scary one. Many adventurers who went through deep snow lands would not return. But the number increased significantly one day, with none of the adventurers returning. 

When inspected, it was discovered to be because of this beautiful glowing Froslass who had frozen them all over. At first, many wanted to attack the Crystal Froslass but this only resulted in more problems. One of Sinnoh's Professors noticed that the Froslass didn't seem to want to hurt anyone and was curious what caused it to freeze people.

Upon inspection, the Professor discovered that the Froslass used a Crystal Shard to Crystallize so she could freeze a large amount of people at once due to the loneliness of the snowy lands going to her head when she Crystallizes. So much so that Froslass froze adventurers to keep her company. Luckily, most of the adventurers were able to be rescued from the ice and Froslass joined the Professor at his home so that he could inspect this weird new forme and she had a new friend to keep her company.

In battle, the Crystal Froslass a threat to any physical attacker. With her ability, Winter Spirit, she can freeze unsuspecting Pokémon. While she is no longer a Ghost-type, this ability makes her immune to Fighting and Normal-type attacks regardless and freezes any Pokémon that attacks her with either of those types. Additionally, that ability grants her STAB on Ghost-type moves if there is Hail.

Crystal Frosslass

Level 42

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