Crystal Raichu


Mouse Pokémon

Overcharged / Surge Surfer

2'07" / 0.8 m

75.0 lbs. / 34.0 kg

Evolutions & Formes

One of the most glorious debuts of any Crystallization had to be with Crystal Raichu.

During a Pokémon League, a challenger battled the Kuria Champion but couldn't even land a single hit on him. In the end, the challenger was left with just Raichu when a glow came from his backpack, from a Crystal Fragment he obtained in the region. With a high voltage cry, Raichu suddenly transformed into Crystal Raichu. 

The Crystal Raichu managed to knock out 5/6 of the Champion's Pokémon, even managing to lay quite a few hits on his last. In the end, the challenger lost, but it was one of the toughest battles in the Champion's history.

Crystal Raichu is an extremely fast Pokémon, sometimes as fast as a thunderbolt. With it's great Attack and 

Special Attack, it can benefit from both categories of attacks to take advantage of its opponents weaknesses. It is pretty fragile, though, so you have to make sure every hit counts.

With Overcharged, it'll charge up for its next Electric Attack every turn, up to 3 charges, as long as it doesn't use an Electric Type Attack. This allowing you to get a benefit for switching it up with Crystal Raichu's moves. However, Alolan Raichu seem to keep Surge Surfer, meaning it'll be even faster in Electric Terrain

Crystal Raichu


Base Forme

High Friendship

Thunder Stone/???


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