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Crystal Torterra

Continent Pokémon


8'06" / 2.6 m

2204.4 lbs. / 999.9 kg

Evolutions & Formes

Base Forme

Level 18

Level 32


The Crystallization of the continental tortoise. This is easily one of the most stressful transformations any Pokémon ever went through. Torterra, being an all-natural Pokémon, is under huge amounts of pressure from the Crystal Energy to an extent that could only be described as torturous. 

Not only that, but the tree on its back is extremely heavy, to the point that Torterra sinks into the ground. This intense trauma can only be overcome by a Torterra with a strong Trainer.

Once there was a Trainer who trained his Crystal Torterra so well that it was truly invincible. He nearly became the Champion of a region known as Sinnoh, but it was defeated by a lucky hit of a One Hit Knock Out move.

But it's not all grim. Due to its ability known as Immovable, it does indeed become an immovable object. Its defense and special defense are raised drastically! However... Torterra will always move last. Its speed is entirely negated and not even Trick Room could make it go first. So that defense will come in handy.

Crystal Torterra

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