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Crystal Venusaur

Seed Pokémon

Crystal Overgrow

8'02" / 2.5 m

392.4 lbs. / 178.0 kg

Evolutions & Formes

Base Forme

Level 16

Level 32


Crystal Venusaur is said to be one of the oldest Crystallizations known to man. Its crystal flower absorbs all light surrounding it and turns it into Crystal Energy. This overload of Crystal Energy tends to turn Crystal Venusaur very hostile and they're thus known for being extremely vicious.

Venusaur is one of the oldest Crystallizations to be recorded in history. While most Crystallization have existed a long time, not much evidence was there to record a significant part of their history apart from the Legendary Crystal Pokémon. However, an ancient tribe of Pokémon had trouble with a Crystal Venusaur long before even the existence of man.


The discovered painted caves said something about this Venusaur using Giga Drain on everything near it to make itself stronger and destroy those in its path. The Venusaur eventually turned normal, but the damage was done. This ancient tribe of Pokémon (presumed to be Smeargle due to the paintings) made sure the future was warned.

History repeats itself in battle, too. The reason Crystal Venusaur's Giga Drain was so fearsome was because of two reasons. In this forme, Venusaur boasts an incredibly high Special Attack. And while even slower than a regular Venusaur, its ability, Crystal Overgrow, ensures that no other type resists Grass-type Attacks. Meaning Giga Drain will do at least neutral damage regardless to heal away the wounds.

Crystal Venusaur

Mega Evolution

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