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A strange discovery was made in the Kuria region a long time ago, but people weren't capable of utilizing it or even learning how it worked until now. This is the power of Crystallization, a form of evolution studied by many over the course of time.

This seemingly ancient energy bridges with the Pokémon's own energy and solidifies, causing crystals to appear on them and making them way more powerful than before, which is thus known as Crystallizations.

What is especially odd is that Crystallization seems to be the only way for a Pokémon to be the new Crystal-type, which adds or replaces the Pokémon's secondary typing. Because of this, Crystal Pokémon are the only ones capable of receiving a Same Type Attack Bonus on Crystal Moves. But what is Crystal-type?

The Next Step in Evolution

A Truly Neutral Type!

Unlike other types, Crystal-type seems to have no weaknesses or resistances, but oddly enough, other types aren't weak or strong against it either! Crystal-type is a truly neutral type, thus being very powerful. But only Crystal Pokémon can get STAB boosts on Crystal Moves.

The Crystal Fragment

The most common way people utilize Crystallizations is through the Crystal Fragment. A special gemstone created from powerful crystals, seemingly created by the ancient Crystal Pokémon.

Similar to a Mega Stone, these items cause Crystallization, but unlike a Mega Stone, there aren't specific gems for each individual Pokémon. Not only that, it isn't as easy to use. To achieve Crystallization, the Pokémon needs to know how to bridge their energy with the Crystal Energy in the fragment. How would they figure it out? Well...

Recording Crystallizations!

A feature some devices have, known as the Crystallization Recorder, is used to record Crystallizations in order to figure out the frequency needed to bridge the Pokémon's energy with the Crystal Energy

It acts similar to a Pokédex in that it records the data of the Pokémon, but it also records the energy frequency they use in that form. With this, you'll know how to crystallize a Pokémon simply by seeing them with the recorder, by being given the recorded data by other people, or adding a custom recording to put the data into the device immediately, which is especially handy for multiple playthroughs if you don't want to wait to unlock a certain Crystallization again.

The Crystallization Recorder feature comes pre-installed with every MegaDex!


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