Speaker Pokémon

2'00" / 0.6 m

24.2 lbs. / 10.9 kg

Klutz / Guts / Reverb

Evolutions & Formes


Base Forme


Cubeat are pleasant Pokémon found in the forests of Kuria. They will find friends and sing to them softly, but as more discover the amazing music of Cubeat, crowds begin to gather. When a large enough crowd has gathered, they play music loudly from the amplifiers in their ears so that everyone can enjoy it!

When threatened, Cubeat will use the speakers in its paws to smash foes with its loud punches. It's taste in music can change as it gets older, and when it's ready to evolve it refines its taste even more! Every Cubeat can be a fan of a different genre of music, so you have to find the perfect one to match your own liking. A Cubeat is a fantastic friend to have for music lovers!




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