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Delta Metagross

Ruined Pokémon

Sturdy / Rock Head

5'03" / 1.6 m

1212.5 lbs. / 550.0 kg

Evolutions & Formes

Base Forme

Level 20

Level 45


The third stage of this pecular version of this evolutionary line. Delta Metagross is extremely defensive and has the ability Sturdy, meaning it can't be knocked out in 1 hit. It is, however, extremely slow as well.

Delta Metagross is essentially a smaller, living temple. The fact that it is still this sturdy despite being ruined tells you just how obscene its Defense stat really is. Not only that, its Hidden Ability is Rock Head, meaning it won't take recoil damage from super powerful moves that would normally recoil on its user.

However, this is not its final forme. There are still two left. But which path will you take with it? Will you Mega Evolve it to make it even more defensive? Crystallize it to make its armor significantly weaker, but also making it way faster and having STAB Crystal Type moves? Or will you keep it at this stage?


-This Pokémon and all formes of its evolutionary line also appear in another Pokémon fangame, Pokémon Insurgence, and is part of a crossover between two fangames. Do check out Pokémon Insurgence for more information on these Delta Pokémon!

Delta Metagross

Mega Evolution

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