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Sharp Edge Pokémon

Rivalry / Keen Eye / Steelworker

1'04" / 0.4 m

12.1 lbs. / 5.5 kg

Evolutions & Formes

Unlike Azuling, Edglet are fierce and territorial. When born, they begin to grow a sharp horn-like apendage on their head that is sharp enough to slice a Steelix in half. The heavier the blade gets the slower they are, and their attempts to intimidate some of the larger Pokémon don't always go over well.

Edglet are extremely arrogant and believe that nothing can stop them, despite being fairly weak. They always fall back to their mother when they get in trouble, which then only causes more trouble as Hawkedge are known to be extremely violent. The best way to deal with Edglet is to ensure you can also stop a way stronger Pokémon afterwards.

Edglet act tough around Pokémon of the same gender, and their Rivalry ability makes them stronger when encountering a Pokémon of the same gender as well. Keen Eye ensures its accuracy is in a good condition all the time, meaning trying to hide is impossible.

Its Hidden Ability "Steelworker" also boosts the power of Steel-type moves by 50%!


Base Forme


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