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Frequently Asked Questions!

Your questions, answered!

Q: When will the game come out?

A: As much as we'd love to give a release date, there is none. The problem with giving out a release date is that we can never know what kind of issues arise and we don't want to rush the project.

Q: How far is the project?

A: Hard to say. We had a setback due to the lack of spriters but that should be fixed soon.

Q: What platform is it for?

A: PC. We'd love to have it available on Mac and Linux as well, but realistically, we're not sure how possible this is since most of us are on Windows.

Q: Will it have Online?

A: That's the plan!

Q: Up to what Pokémon generation is included in Azurite?

A: All of them, currently up to Sun and Moon. It means more work, but it also means more content, which is a worthy trade-off.

Q: Why are there so many new types?

A: Originally it started as just "Hey this would be cool to add" but there were times where we questioned it as well. But we managed to make it fit well. They play roles that other types don't, or have something interesting to them that makes them stand out. Specifically Crystal and Mystic are bound to shake up things really good.

Additionally, it's a good way to put veterans and casual players back on an even playing field, where both will have new things to learn and discover!

Q: Will <insert Pokémon here> get a Mega Evolution or Crystallization?

A: If we can think of a design for it that fits, sure.

Q: Why Crystals?

A: The idea for the type originally came from the Pokémon anime's Crystal Onix. The idea just stuck and was developed into something bigger.

Q: Can you explain Mulambo's firing?

A: Oh well look at that! It's the end of the F.A.Q.!

F. A. Q.

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