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Frost Pup Pokémon

Perseverance / Refrigerate

2'04" / 0.7 m

52.3 lbs. / 23.7 kg


Evolutions & Formes



Frostyke live in packs from birth and always swarm in numbers. Their smooth fur allows them to hide in snow effortlessly, and ambush prey. They live in cold environments like tundra and the mountains. Though born to be a hunter, they are quite playful and many trainers will actually start their journeys with Frostyke because of how pleasant they can be around people! 

Its ability, Perseverance, allows it to gain momentum when it attacks with the same attack multiple times in a row. It has an arsenal of powerful ice type biting attacks! Using Frost Bite has a chance to freeze its opponents solid while using Nippy Yip allows it to scare opponents out of the field using a cold bark! It uses these moves in combination with it's ability to stack up damage quick.

Although small, Frostyke can be reliable and resourceful. They say you shouldn't mess with a Frostyke pack in the wild, because their evolved form could be close behind. And you do NOT want to mess with it's evolved form.


Base Forme

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