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Tiny Bee Pokémon


3'07" / 1.1 m

48.5 lbs. / 22.0 kg

Evolutions & Formes

Base Forme

Level 21, Female Only


Royal Honey, Male Only

Male Combee who receive the Royal Honey from the Vespiquen gather up and transform into this new Guard Forme.

The Royal Honey is seen as a command from the queen to gather up and protect their allies by forming a sort of wall to block incoming attacks. When one of the Combee falls, another will take its place. Many Vespiquen will use these Combee as their last defense before choosing to fight for themselves.

Interestingly, despite this forme only being for Male Combee, the middle Combee of the forme is always a female who commands the rest of the group. 

In this Guard Forme, Combee are slower and very weak when it comes to attack, but in return are very defensive, meaning they'll take a few hits before being taken down. This coupled with Regenerator makes it quite difficult to truly knock them out, as they can just retreat if they take too much damage to heal and call for other Combee.

Guard Combee

Combee (Guard Forme)

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