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The first hurdle of many Trainers in the Kuria region.

Banyan is an all-natural powerhouse that takes care of a city known as Timbera City, known for being built inside of a giant tree.

He's the closest friend and adoptive brother in law of Professor Maple. Banyan often helps Maple with field work and arm wrestles him for fun. While Maple is the stronger of the two, Banyan does tend to give him a run for his money.

He also takes care of a Legendary Pokémon known as Shaymin. The idea of a Gym Leader with a legend might be intimidating, but do not worry. He only takes care of Shaymin, as it was born way too weak to fight or survive on its own.

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The Kurian Idol, the Pop Princess, the Music Mistress. Whatever title you give her, she is undeniably one of the 

most gifted people around.

Even at her young age, she managed to make a hit song for every single musical genre known to man. Her only musical failure was her attempt at Country. 

She and her audible Pokémon have fans all around the world because of this, and many of her Gym battles end up on television for the whole world to see. This tends to put pressure on people, leading to mistakes.

The Gym Leader of Kuria's great harbor, Mariadam. A retired police of the seas, often known as the "Sea Judge", now fishing and battling Trainers who challenge him.

On one of his pirate busts, he discovered Crystallization for himself. Since then he moved to the Kuria region to learn more about it and now knows a lot about this odd phenomenon. Perhaps he'll be able to help you to uncover a great secret.

Ruyter is responsible for Mariadam's very existence, as before then, the harbor was a bit of a mess. During his retirement, he spent a great deal of time turning it into a suitable harbor for the region of glory.


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