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Harp Pokémon

2'07" / 0.8 m

17.9 lbs. / 8.1 kg

Serene Grace / Forewarn / Wonder Harp

Evolutions & Formes

Harpirit are found in multiple different areas, but mostly around lakes. They're usually peaceful, but are capable of destroying someone's mind with a song they play.

Their harp-like tail lead many adventurers to them to never be seen again. While usually this means something awful happened to them, in this case, it's simply the beauty of the sound making them unable to leave.

Harpirit may do it intentionally, as some Harpirit are never found and the adventurers chase the sound endlessly. Some will say that they're evil, simply because they're ghosts. But in reality, they just enjoy toying with people and they can do so eternally due to them being ghosts.

Similar to Anglure, Harpirit's body looks like it is a Water Type. But it is actually Ghost/Sound. Unlike Anglure, though, people are usually not all too confused, as Harpirit aren't often found in Waters but rather floating near waters.

Serene Grace allows Harpirit to take full advantage of moves with additional effects, such as Ominous Wind. Some Harpirit may have Forewarn instead, which warns them of the opponent's strongest attack.

However, Harpirit shines truly with its hidden ability, Wonder Harp. It plays a song with its haunted harp that boosts the defenses of its team.

It also seems to have an exclusive move. Doomed Serenade. The full effect of this move is currently unknown, but it seems very similar to Perish Song combined with Mean Look. Perhaps there is a way to lift the effect too?




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