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Sharing Pokémon

Pickup / Leaf Guard / Harvest

3'07" / 1.1 m

28.7 lbs. / 13.0 kg

Evolutions & Formes

Hibidali is the evolved form of Euthiscus and is found in forests all across the Kuria region, taking care of that forest's Pokémon.

They go from forest to forest to find Pokémon in need. Their basket is filled with delicious and healthy berries, which they give to Pokémon who can't get them on their own. After all, Hibidali knows how much joy berries brought to her youth.

Hibidali are more supportive Pokémon, rather than ones that love to battle. Though they can attack quite fiercely if they have to.

They possess an exclusive move known as Berry Share. Berry Share takes the effect of the berry that Hibidali is holding and applies it to whoever Hibidali targets. This does not consume the berry, but will fail if the berry is missing due to any reason.


Base forme


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