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Kurian Hitmonchan

Flaring Pokémon

4'07" / 1.4 m

106.7 lbs. / 48.8 kg

Wildfire Style / Iron Fist / Flame Body

Evolutions & Formes

Lvl 25, but...

Lvl 25, but...

Lvl 25, but...

The evolution of Kurian Tyrogue that brings out its inner Flaring Potential, making it the master of the Wildfire Style.

Its punches are incredibly deceptive due to the heat that radiates from the gloves. Even if Hitmonchan's punches are avoided entirely, the scorching heat that comes from the punch will burn their target regardless. If Hitmonchan's gloves start glowing, stay away as far as you can.

Its Wildfire Style ability means that even if it misses, it'll still do a bit of damage. Perfect for taking out those with high evasiveness.

It also has a move known as Flare Fist, a punch so scorching hot that it is guaranteed to burn if it hits, but it seems weaker than moves like Flare Blitz, yet still has ridiculous recoil damage.

The specifics of its evolution are unknown, but it seems to be caused in response of a need in one's team. Specifically, it seems to evolve to be an ally to those known as "Starter Pokémon."

Kurian Hitmonchan


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