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Kurian Breloom

Mushtic Pokémon

3'11" / 1.2 m

86.4 lbs. / 39.2 kg

Stench / Clearing Fumes / Adaptability

Evolutions & Formes

The Kuria Region's variant of Breloom. Usually found in dark areas such as caves or dark, dense forests.

The transformation of Breloom seems to be caused by these Mystic fumes that wake up on the inside of Shroomish. These are highly toxic and smell disgusting, but they also seem to cause mutation if a human is exposed to it for too long. Many humans who were too careless with the fumes now have a third arm, third leg or sometimes way, way worse.

The Breloom themselves don't seem all that bad. They're even friendlier than normal Breloom, but their Mystic fumes make it impossible to find a friend who wants to risk being friends with them. However, Poison Pokémon seem to especially love Breloom's company.

While Kurian Breloom seem to be a bit weaker than normal, its abilities make up for it in spades. While Stench and Adaptability are two very good abilities that you're probably familiar with, it can also have a new ability entirely.

Clearing Fumes is an amazing utility ability. It removes all the hazards around the user and also clears negative stat changes on allied Pokémon. It's up to the Trainer whether they want to go for Power or Utility!

Kurian Breloom

Base Forme

Level 24

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