The Kurian Elites


For a region like kuria to grow so big, it needed leaders who could make the region a place of glory. These are Kurian's Elites.

The Curator, the Defender, the Keeper, the Technician and the Connector.

Aiden the Curator


The one above all is the Curator of the Kuria Region, only known as Aiden.

Somehow, he's almost as old as the region itself, yet only he knows what caused him to stop aging. He has dedicated his eternal existence purely to ensuring that the Kuria Region stays as proud as it always was. 

It is unknown how Aiden managed to stop aging. Some of the Kurians consider it a blessing from a higher power, others think he just found an extremely way of living that he refuses to share to prevent overpopulation. The truth is that nobody knows except for Aiden, but in the end, it did prove to be hugely beneficial to the region.

Stay Tuned!


More to come! 


Kurian Elites


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