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Kurian Hitmonlee

Splinter Pokémon

4'11" / 1.5 m

134.0 lbs. / 60.8 kg

Vinecoil Style / Long Reach / Unburden

Evolutions & Formes

Lvl 25, but...

Lvl 25, but...

Lvl 25, but...

The evolution of Kurian Tyrogue that brings out it's inner Natural Potential, making it the master of the Vinecoil Style.

Its skin is coated in a strange wood texture that protects it from harm. It uses this to its advantage to counter and trap its enemy if they dare come near. Once trapped, they'll proceed to beat their enemy until they can't hear them breathing anymore.

Its Vinecoil Style ability allows it to take hits quite a bit better than normal. It reduces the damage of incoming physical attacks and traps them for 5 turns, making them unable to switch. 

It also has a move known as Vine Takedown, which does Super Effective damage against all Pokémon that are in the air, and brings them back to the ground.

The specifics of its evolution are unknown, but it seems to be caused in response of a need in one's team. Specifically, it seems to evolve to be an ally to those known as "Starter Pokémon."

Kurian Hitmonlee


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