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Kurian Nosepass


Overgrown Pokémon

3'03" / 1.0 m

219.4 lbs / 99.5 kg

Overcoat / Solar Power / Natural Camoflauge

Kurian Nosepass.png

Evolutions & Formes

The jungles of Kuria are known for having a strange ability to scramble magnetic signals. Because Nosepass rely on these signals to navigate, those who enter the jungles tend not to find their way out. They will gather on top of one another and sit still for very long periods of time, which over time covers them in a symbiotic type of moss. 

Without their magnetic compass, the Nosepass have learned to harness the power of the moss to their advantage. In the already very dangerous jungles of Kuria, you'd better watch out for these strange Kurian Nosepass towers. They could fall over at any moment!

Kurian Nosepass

Kurian Nosepass.png

Base Forme


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