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Kurian Scrafty

Breeze Pokémon

3'07" / 1.1 m

66.1 lbs. / 30.0 kg

Shed Skin / Slush Rush / Chilling

Evolutions & Formes

A variant of Scrafty only found in the Kuria region. Often found high up in the mountains.

Kurian Scrafty are very nice and gentle creatures. They'll try to befriend just about everyone they meet. But if they even feel slightly threatened or intimidated, they'll fight without hesitation and freeze the threat with a swift punch.

It is an urban legend that the origins of Kurian Scrafty came from disagreement between old families of normal Scrafty. Some Scraggy were born way too nice, which was frowned upon by the Scrafty who wanted them to be tough. Feeling unwanted, they went to the mountains and eventually evolved into a whole new form.

Like regular Scrafty, Kurian Scrafty's primary ability is Shed Skin. Its secondary, however, is Slush Rush. An ability that boosts the user's Speed during hail,

However, as usual, the real threat comes from their Hidden Ability. Chilling works very similar to the ability "Intimidate" but instead it reduces Special Attack.

Kurian Scrafty

Base Forme

Level 39 w/ Ice Stone

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