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Kurian Steenee

Stumbling Pokémon

0.6m / 2'00"

1.6kg / 31.5lbs

Phasing Body / Klutz / Sniper

Evolutions & Formes

Base Forme

Learn Triple Kick

The Kurian form of Steenee. They're found in forests looking for friends... at least that's what they want you to think.

They're very well mannered Pokémon, but have terrible etiquette. They stumble around the place, which looks quite adorable. This cuteness, however, is merely a deception.

People who fall for Steenee's facade will follow it deeper into the forests, where it abducts them and brings them to Tsareena's laboratories.


Steenee have learned to phase their body through reality without moving themselves, leading to the ability Phasing Body, which turns all of the user's Physical Attacks into Special Attacks, scaling off the user's Special Attack too.

Secondly, it can have Klutz which prevents the use of items. Steenee can use Skill Swap with this ability to hinder their foes.

Some Steenee have Sniper, their hidden ability, which boosts the damage caused by Critical Hits.

Kurian Steenee

Level 18

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