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Kurian Swadloon

Cloaked Pokémon

1'08" / 0.5 m

16.1 lbs. / 7.3 kg

Magician / Magic Bounce / Deceptive

Evolutions & Formes

Base Forme

High Friendship

The Kuria regional variant of Swadloon. A Sewaddle who has learned a Mystic move will evolve into Kurian Swadloon instead of regular Swadloon. Sewaddle only learning Mystic moves inside the Kuria region.

Kurian Swadloon evolve and strengthen their desire to show cool tricks to people. But due to its Ghost-type, people fear what it hides under its dark-leaf cloak, making it very lonely. When it finds a Trainer who accepts them and wants to see their tricks, they get overjoyed!

One time, a Kurian Swadloon managed to make a Lopunny appear for its Trainer, but this ended in the Trainer getting kicked by the Lopunny before it left again.

Kurian Swadloon gets a new ability for its Hidden Ability. "Deceptive". This is a very unique ability and only certain Mystic-type Pokémon can have it. This changes the user's natural weaknesses, making them no longer weak to that but instead weak to Grass, Fire and Water-type attacks.

Kurian Swadloon

Lvl 20 w/ Mystic move

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