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Kurian Tsareena

Faux Fruit Pokémon

1.7m / 5'07"

30.0kg / 66.13lbs

Phasing Body / Queenly Majesty / Skill Scan

Evolutions & Formes

Base Forme

Learn Triple Kick

The Kurian form of Tsareena. They live in the absolute depths of the reason and stay there, making Bounsweet and Steenee do the dirty work outside of their homes.

Their homes are built like laboratories, but with unknown technology. In their homes, captured Pokémon and sometimes even Humans are found. While the captured Pokémon tend to be fine outside of being nervous, the humans tend to act really weird, which can last for their entire lifetime. It is unknown what causes this or why the Tsareena do it, but it seems they experiment on humans.

Nobody knows what kind of experiments are held. Even the captured humans either refuse to tell out of fear or have forgotten somehow. Some Professors even think that the Tsareena itself was also experimented on, which causes the transformation. Exactly who or what experimented them is unknown, but there is clear evidence that the beings that do the experiments on Tsareena are not from this world.

Kurian Tsareena learn a very unique move known as Kick Shower. Tsareena jumps high in the air and uses phasing kicks as projectiles. A special attack that hits multiple targets multiple times!

Tsareena are very tactical in battle. They have learned to phase their body through reality without moving themselves, leading to the ability Phasing Body, which turns all of the user's Physical Attacks into Special Attacks, scaling off the user's Special Attack too.

Secondly, it can have Queenly Majesty. A remnant of the old Tsareena. This makes it immune to priority attacks.

Lastly, its special Hidden Ability. Skill Scan. Skill Scan allows the user to search the opponents' movesets to see if they have a move that is Super Effective against the ability's user. Targets who do have such a dangerous move are marked as dangerous.

Kurian Tsareena

Level 18

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