Kurian Tyrogue


Prodigy Pokémon

2'08" / 0.7 m

46.3 lbs. / 21.0 kg

Prodigy / Inner Focus / Rivalry

Evolutions & Formes

Lvl 25, but...

Lvl 25, but...

Lvl 25, but...

A fighting type Pokémon with incredible potential. Born weaker than a regular Tyrogue, but capable of becoming much more powerful.

Kurian Tyrogue rely more on battle style and strategy, since they are actually quite weak on their own. But their growth over time is unmatched by any unevolved Pokémon. 

It's Prodigy ability is unique to this Tyrogue. It boosts it's Attack and Speed drastically based on their experience in battle and the effort they've put into getting better. Some Kurian Tyrogue have become so strong with this ability that they didn't need to evolve to keep up anymore.

Kurian Tyrogue



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