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Mega Aromatisse

Fragrance Pokémon

Hyper Aroma

3'03" / 1.0m

37.0 lbs / 16.8 kg

Evolutions & Formes

When Aromatisse finally Mega Evolves, it'll be very clear within mere seconds that this sassy Pokémon knows it can beat you.

Mega Aromatisse is a Pokémon for fashionable divas. It loves showing off and considers itself to be a strong force of nature. And it might be right!

With the new fashionable Mega Evolution, Aromatisse will be sure to bedazzle everybody! Not only that, but Aromatisse's new "Hyper Aroma" ability is extremely dangerous. Only Genderless Pokémon will be able to resist the Hyper Aroma, and everybody else will get infatuated with Aromatisse.

Mega Aromatisse's Special Attack and Defense are hugely boosted so that it can both take a couple of hits and deal them right back at you. It is, however, a very slow Pokémon. But then again, that only makes it even more of an excellent Pokémon once Trick Room is active.

Mega Aromatisse

Trade w/ Sachet...

Mega Evolution

Base Form

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