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Mega Beheeyem

Cerebral Pokémon


3'11" / 1.2 m

93.5 lbs. / 42.4 kg

Evolutions & Formes

Mega Beheeyem is truly something else. It's said to be able to wipe your mind with just a few flashes of light. All memories, everything you've ever learned, all gone in an instant. Such a power has only been matched by one of Sinnoh's legends. So be wary, or you'll end up very confused!

Interestingly, the Beheeyite it uses to Mega Evolve isn't found on our world, and those that are on this planet are brought here by meteors. Could the Ancient Weapon have affected more worlds than just ours?

Mega Beheeyem's new ability, Mindipulation, is a force to be reckoned with. It's hard enough to deal with these interstellar Pokémon already, but this ability causes confusion to every living thing other than the user. Even allies are affected by this in doubles/triples.

Mega Beheeyem

Level 42

Mega Evolution

Base Form

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