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Mega Cacturne

Scarecrow Pokémon

Desert Body

4'03" / 1.3 m

182.5 lbs. / 82.8 kg

Evolutions & Formes

Somehow, with its Mega Evolution, Cacturne managed to get even creepier than it already was.


Mega Cacturne stands perfectly still until its prey gets close, at which point Cacturne will use a reckless barrage of attacks to completely break all of its prey's bones, so they can longer fight back.

Mega Cacturne used to be used frequently by farmers, but it became more and more noticeable that the farmers who used it actually never wanted to do so. Because of this, many legends surrounding Mega Cacturne prevent some people from using it or, in worst case scenarios, even battling it, as they fear what could happen to their Pokémon.

Cacturne's Attack gets boosted drastically, with some nice Defense boosts to make it able to take a few more hits. Their new ability, Desert Body, makes them resists two types that'd normally be very dangerous to Cacturne, those being Ice-type and Fire-type. When you see one in battle, your best bet is to just run away (except you can't run from Trainer Battles, so good luck).

Mega Cacturne

Level 32

Mega Evolution

Base Form

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