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Mega Delta Metagross

Ruined Pokémon

Rock Head

8'02" / 2.5 m

2078.7 lbs. / 942.9 kg

Evolutions & Formes

Base Forme

Level 20

Level 45


The Mega Evolution of Delta Metagross is intense.

Mega Delta Metagross is the most defensive Pokémon that exists, with the highest Defense of any Pokémon. Using physical attacks against this Pokémon is about as effective as battling a normal Metagross with a Magikarp. It is, however, VERY slow. 


If that isn't enough, it also gets the ability Rock Head, meaning it can use extremely powerful moves without taking any recoil damage. To break down this wall, your best chance is taking advantage of its extremely low speed, attack it with Special Attacks or take it down with Status effects.


-This Pokémon and all formes of its evolutionary line also appear in another Pokémon fangame, Pokémon Insurgence, and is part of a crossover between two fangames. Do check out Pokémon Insurgence for more information on these Delta Pokémon!

Mega Delta Metagross

Mega Evolution

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