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Mega Electrode

Ball Pokémon

Explosive Exhaust

5'03" / 1.6 m

222.9 lbs. / 101.1 kg

Evolutions & Formes

Upon Mega Evolution, Electrode takes the appearance of a Great Ball, to signify that it has achieved a greater form.

Mega Electrode are extremely dangerous, with their explosions being able to destroy even some bigger houses and leave nothing but dust behind. Because of this, Mega Electrode is not often used by normal trainers and becomes more of a tool used by those that seek to cause great atrocities. In some regions, the usage of Mega Electrode is illegal, making it one of the very few Pokémon of which the very existence is a crime in parts of the world.

Regardless, some people still use Mega Electrode in battle because of their explosive prowess. They're extremely fast, meaning outspeeding them is nigh-impossible. This coupled with the new ability, Explosive Exhaust, which boosts all recoiling moves (including Selfdestruct and Explosion) by 1.5x, makes it a very hard hitting sacrificial Pokémon. But the ability also makes it so that Electrode takes more recoil damage.

Mega Electrode

Level 30

Mega Evolution

Base Form

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