Mega K-Lopunny


Rabbit Pokémon

No Guard

4'03" / 1.3 m

26.5 lbs. / 12.0 kg

Evolutions & Formes

While plenty of Mega Evolutions have some grueling side effects, the Mega Evolution of Kurian Lopunny is by far the most disturbing.

When the behavior of this terrifying Mega Evolution was studied by professor Maple, he found out that during the process, Lopunny re-experiences the time it passed as a normal Buneary. The realization and denial corrupts the soul to a horrifying extent. It forces Lopunny to think that it needs to fight viciously to survive and that its opponents want it dead.

It takes an extremely capable trainer to make sure that Mega K-Lopunny doesn't go too far or hurt itself, let alone others. As long as it has a trainer it can depend on, Lopunny is less likely to get unstable. 

Just like regular Mega Lopunny, this Pokémon is extremely fast and has extremely powerful attacks. It's Defense is also superior, but it comes at the cost of its Special Defense being crippled to the point that any Special Attack has a high chance of knocking it out.

It can't even dodge these attacks due to No Guard, but this also means enemies can't dodge Lopunny's attacks either.

Mega K-Lopunny


Max Affection

Mega Evolution

Base Form

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