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Mega Porygon-Z

Virtual Pokémon


3'03" / 1.0 m

82.7 lbs. / 37.5 kg

Evolutions & Formes

In an attempt to fix the virus caused by the Dubious Disc, Plasma Technologies and Silph Co. teamed up to fix this with an item known as the Mega Disc. This item simulates the process of Mega Evolution into Porygon-Z and uses the same energy. This item was supposed to turn the virus into something beneficial while in this new form, but the results were chaotic.


While Mega Porygon-Z's is a significant improvement, it brings with it one major flaw. Which actually turned out to be a great strength for it. Its typing keeps changing every turn, making it extremely unpredictable.

This is because of its new ability "Distorted". This ability changes Mega Porygon-Z's type at the end of every turn, and all Normal-type moves will be changed to that type as well. It was thus given a light on its forehead that changes color depending on the type it has become. If luck's on the user's side, it can even become Crystal-type.

Its Attack, Special Attack and Speed are boosted significantly, but it becomes EXTREMELY fragile.

Mega Porygon-Z

Base Forme

Trade w/ Up-Grade...

Mega Evolution

Trade w/ Dubious Disc...

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