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Mega Xatu

Mystic Pokémon


6'11" / 2.1 m

42.3 lbs. / 19.2 kg

Evolutions & Formes

Xatu is probably one of the Pokémon that benefits most from Mega Evolution. Not due to the stat increase, but rather the power it gets.

Its eyes turn the color of a rainbow, similar to a Mega Keystone. This is because Xatu's sight acts differently than how you and I see things. In this forme, Xatu can look at any point in time, at any place, freely as it wills it. One big problem is that the future or past Mega Xatu sees is that it is simply the past or future that will happen if current events don't get interrupted, meaning the future it sees can be changed. Regardless, this power makes Xatu strong, as it can predict any attack.

Unfortunately, due to the new wings, Xatu loses its Flying-type, as they are not fit for flying. Rather, Xatu gains the Mystic-type instead. Additionally, its Special Attack is impressive to say the least, meaning a Psychic from this Pokémon can hurt A LOT.

Mega Xatu also gets the new ability Clairvoyant, which adds an effect to all enemy Pokémon on the field that acts similar to the move Future Sight, meaning in the future, the Pokémon will take heavy damage.

Mega Xatu

Level 25

Mega Evolution

Base Form

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