Mystic Type is not what you'd expect, and that's the entire point of it. Mystic is a type dedicated to that which can not be explained, but is still incredibly powerful. The entire type is about messing with your expectations.

Mystic is a type with the most trickery of all types, with many moves and abilities that exist purely to mess with you, to subvert what you've learned and to trick you into making mistakes. Remembering all tricks Mystic has to offer will be incredibly tough.



Super Effective against:


Resisted by:


Incapable of damaging:






Weak against:


Strongly resists:


Immune To:




Re-typed Older Pokémon


038. Ninetales = Fire/Mystic

065. Alakazam = Psychic/Mystic

065-M. Mega Alakazam = Psychic/Mystic

097. Hypno = Psychic/Mystic

122. Mr. Mime = Mystic/Fairy

151-M. Mega Mewtwo Y = Psychic/Mystic

164. Noctowl = Flying/Mystic

201. Unown = Mystic

358. Chimecho = Sound/Mystic

368. Gorebyss = Water/Mystic

429. Mismagius = Ghost/Mystic

439. Mime Jr. = Mystic/Fairy

480. Uxie = Mystic

481. Mesprit = Mystic

482. Azelf = Mystic

494. Victini = Mystic/Fire

574. Gothita = Mystic

575. Gothorita = Mystic

576. Gothitelle = Mystic/Psychic

720. Sigilyph = Mystic/Flying

655. Delphox = Fire/Mystic

677. Espurr = Mystic

678. Meowstic = Mystic

720-C. Hoopa = Mystic/Ghost

720-U. Hoopa = Mystic/Dark

Mystic Type


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