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Phantitute (Doll Forme)

Phantom Doll Pokémon

2'00" / 0.6 m

22.0 lbs. / 10.0 kg


Evolutions & Formes

Phantitute are Ghost Type Pokémon who have desire the loving embrace of a friend. It is said that any Ghost Type Pokémon can potentially become a Phantitute if they want to, but once they become it, they'll never be able to turn back.

Phantitute searches for the damaged dolls of children in poverty. It wants to become the child's best friend to help them through trying times, but will become extremely protective of the child. Sometimes to the point where some people say Phantitute holds the children hostage. If it even thinks something is a threat to the child, it will relentlessly attack whatever that may be.

The way Proxy works is a bit complicated, but essentially, it comes down to the ability changing 1 move specifically. Substitute. While the idea of it is the same as regular substitute, there are differences that make it different enough to where it is a huge threat. Those differences are:

-Breaks at 50% instead of 25%.

-User's Defense and Special Defense are increased, Speed decreased.

-Substitute gets priority.

-This version of substitute cannot be passed onto other Pokémon.

-Uses 2pp instead of the usual 1.





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