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Items related to specific Pokémon.

Crystal Fragment

An item of a legendary ancient Pokémon.

Allows those elligible to Crystallize to take a new form

and with it, achieve new power.

Royal Honey

Sweet honey carried often by male Combee.

This honey is seen as an order of a Vespiquen. The

holder of Royal Honey will be able to combine with

other Combee to achieve Guard Forme.

Light Battery

An item to be held by Plusle and Minun.

Raises the Attack and Special Attack for the holder

and allied Pokémon when hit by an Electric Attack.

(Also teaches new-bred Plusle/Minun 'Volt Attract')

Light Goggles

An item to be held by Emolga.

Increases Attack and Special Attack and increases

damage done by Electric and Flying-type attacks.

(Also teaches new-bred Emolga 'Volt Crash')

Mega Disc

A strange disc. Made to be held by Porygon-Z.

Allows Porygon-Z to Mega Evolve in an attempt to fix

the virus, but...

Comet Fossil

A strange fossil, not usually found native to this world.

These fossils are found in tiny meteorites that have

landed around the world. Most commonly in Kuria.

Light Bell

An item to be held by Symphy.

This bell reverbs Electric and Sound-type attacks,

allowing them to hit twice.

(Also teaches new-bred Symphy 'Volt Wave')

Light Nut

An item to be held by Pachirisu.

The holder starts with boosted Defense & Special

Defense, but returns to normal upon getting hurt.

(Also teaches new-bred Pachirisu 'Volt Roll')

Light Seed

An item to be held by Dedenne. Once-per-battle use.

Fairy and Electric-type moves are boosted immensely

and are given priority.

(Also teaches new-bred Dedenne 'Volt Seed')

New Items

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