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14th of Feb, 2017 - Happy Valentines! Progress, Update, Spriters

Alone on a Valentine's day! Good news! We got some stuff to talk about! So now you can be lonely but also read about something you want to play!

So let's start with the progress report first, eh?


Progress Report:

Work continues at the steady rate we've been going at for a while, maybe a bit faster. January has been a busy month, with some personal life troubles we won't bother you about. Plus the lack of spriters, but we'll get to that in a bit.

Development is going well! Not to worry about that. Sleepy is currently working on implementing a lot of new moves into the game, and boy do we have some fascinating moves for you!

One move, for example, is the new Physical Electric type attack. But instead of just making an electric Close Combat or Flare Blitz, we made it a bit more special.:

Name: Sunder Surge

Type: Electric, Physical

Power: 130 (for now, might change)

Accuracy: 90 (For now, might change)

Description: The user unleashes all electricity in their body into a flurry of attacks. It is immensely powerful, but the user's current health gets halved every time it is used (in similar to Nature's Madness).

Now let's continue with some other things.

We have a new programmer! Ed has been busy helping the game come along nicely.

He'll make sure everything works fine and dandy and is currently working on multiple things, most notable being the new and improved Start Menu UI, which looks all fancy to go with the theme of a certain item we can't discuss yet.

Oh, and will you look up there! The silhouettes are actually all unrevealed! We won't show you who or what they are yet, but we can give you some hints. Speculating is fun!:

-One is a very important unrevealed character.

-One is a Crystallization of a blazing hot Pokémon!

-One is a Mega Evolution!... Or is it a Kurian regional form? Maybe both!?

-And two are all new Pokémon!


Questions and Answers:

Since we know you are curious about a couple of these, we'll share a bit of info with you guys!

Can we expect Azurite to be released this year or at least a Demo of sorts?

We don't want to promise a release date, but we doubt Azurite will be done this year. A lot still has to be done. As for the "Demo".

There won't be a Demo, at least, not in the traditional sense. We plan to do a sort-of demo that fleshes the world out more, seems like a better idea to us!

OH, and of course you can see a hint at Azurite's events in an upcoming update for Pokémon Insurgence too! Insurgence will be the first place you get to see one of the infamous Crystallizations in action!

How are Cameos handled?

There's something big in the post game that has a LOT of cameo characters, but outside of that?

Very carefully.

We chose Miror B and Colress as story cameos for very specific reasons and their existence in Kuria makes sense.

But there will be a lot more fanservice in a certain post-game thing. After all, we're fans too, so getting the chance to do something fun with the characters we've got to meet over the years is a pleasure! But we're not gonna go crazy with cameos in our story, hah.

Are you afraid that Nintendo will copyright strike your fan-

No, read our previous update for the full explanation. Please stop asking.

Will there be online?

That's the plan! With a lot more features to customize your battle rules and sorts. Rest assured, however, online will not be required to 100% the game.

Who is Mulambo and why is he just described as "Meme Artist - Fired"?

And onto the next section!


Movepool Poll:

We recently had a poll about which Pokémon needed better movepools, and I'm pleased to share some of the results!

Top 10 most suggested Pokémon to get better movepools:



-Pyukumuku (We can't give it attacks, that'd defeat its point. But we'll look into making it better.)







-All other Eeveelutions

These are Pokémon we'll definitely look into. What moves they could use while keeping in mind what they're supposed to be. While Pyukumuku can't learn attacks, we will look into what it could learn to improve its gimmick.

This does not mean other Pokémon won't get their movepools updated. Don't be silly! Of course they are.

These were just the most requested and we'll be sure to help them along!


The Spriter Problem:

As mentioned above, our biggest hurdle in our development of Pokémon Azurite is the lack of Spriters.

While we do have some, unfortunately they do not have much time. Curse of a Non-Profit, as we call it.

Plus of course help with sprite Animation. We have 1 animator, and as fantastic as he is, he'd probably go crazy having to animate THAT many sprites. And rightfully so.

If you're a spriter and you think can help, please apply at !

Some more info about the game's sprites:

The Overworld sprites are mostly supposed to be Gen 4 but with some improvements.

In battle? Sprites are more like Gen 5 and animated as such too (or better since some of Gen 5's animations were a bit janky).

If you think you can help, please do apply! The more help we have in this field, the faster we can make the game! Thank you!


Happy Valentines day!

Much love,

Team Azurite

Sleepy is a dork.


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