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21st of April - Happy Easter!

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Happy Easter Everyone! Welcome to another Project Azurite blog update, I'll be your host today. We've got some stuff to talk about here so I'm going to get right into it!

Kurian Budew was revealed today! Honestly this is one of the Kurians who has been in the works for a while and it's pretty cool to see the first of it's line get revealed. We think this one was really clever and cannot wait until you guys get to see how they play out in the game. The dramatic change you see was triggered by Budew no longer relying on sunlight for food. While it is still a seed, it's dark and poison capabilities have expanded massively. It now hunts (or tries to hunt) for bugs in caves and dense forests.

So in case you're not in the Discord server, we did a tiny bit of an april fools with Sloof, our inanimate, not alive and definitely not able to be used in battle besides throwing it at the opponent moss covered rock. However, this of course was just a precursor for our real moss covered rock, Kurian Nosepass. Because of the crystal energy effecting the region, the Nosepass who are drawn here are no longer able to find their way using their compass like abilities. After the confusion sets in, these Nosepass will sit for long periods of time. They gather together and form towers which begin to just look like trees because of their mossy exterior. We hope you'll enjoy these moss covered friends. Sorry, Sloof will not be usable as a Pokémon. Will he be in the game? Only time will tell.

New Artwork!

We've revamped a few designs here and there. Some of you may have noticed them as we update them on the site, but here's the two big most recent ones.

Jade is our female protagonist. Her trademark was nearly her long, obnoxiously oversized ponytail. But for a few reasons, one thanks to an applicant Rool, and another being that her massive ponytail was actually quite a bother for ingame testing for so many things, we've decided to give her a hair cut. Her new pigtail hairstyle will take about fifteen pounds off the top of her head, allowing her to live without fear of neck problems. This does not mean the huge ponytail is gone however! While we haven't gone into how deep our customization goes (and we aren't going to do so here either), it's definitely something to stay tuned for. Her ponytail may come back to live another day in the foreseeable future.

Miror B is actually a rather prominent character in his city. While we only have a handful of official characters returning for the main story of Azurite, Miror B has always been a favorite. Now his design has been amped up to fit his new role of the host of the Grande Show B.

And speaking of music, here's a new tune for everyone to check out! Anemone Town is an ancient and peaceful town, hidden away on the outskirts of Kuria. Although maybe not the most exciting town, it's deep history and relation to the creation of all is definitely something to hit the books about! Thanks to EternalSushi for capturing the feeling of this old tired town perfectly.

And finally, as a change of pace, a new tune will be premiering next week! This is "Break Through!" a victory road theme sure to get you hyped and ready to take on the Elite Four! We can't quite show you what Victory Road looks like yet, but just know it will be even more intense than you can imagine. Will you be able to handle the heat?

We hope this all was enough to keep you up to date for now! As we've said in the past, we won't be revealing everything about this game because we really want you to experience it for yourself. But teasing new content sure is fun! Wait, who is that Pokemon in the promo image?


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