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11th of January - Happy New Year!

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Hello and Happy New Year! We are back on Twitter!! [Click Here]

Tomeina is a beautiful city on a cliff!

We are very excited to show some new stuff this year, as well as continue working hard on Azurite. While we've made tons of progress, there's still a lot to do! We're reaching out again to find people who want to help.

Working on a fan game obviously has it's ups and downs, but I think the whole team can agree that the amount we've grown from this is immeasurable. If you're looking to help Azurite get completed faster, looking to further your skills in any department or just straight up want to join and help make this game a reality you've come to the right place! Apply HERE. Check out below for what we're looking for:


Sprite Animators

- We are going full 5th gen style sprites. That means full animation and everything. While we do have animators, we also have a lot of ambition. To help cut down on the bulk we'd love for some more 5th gen style sprite animators to join the team!

- If you apply for this, please be ready to show examples of your 5th gen style sprite animation or animation in general.

- Having skills in spriting pokemon from scratch is also a plus here but not necessarily required.

Tile Spriters

- The world of Kuria is large and diverse. We'd love some extra help on making this world come to life. Any experience with overworld tiles would be great.

- If you aren't exactly a tile spriter, but are good at spriting itself, we'd love to take a look at what you've got. We still have some misc sprites and some trainer sprites to tackle!

- If you are good at spriting crystals, we'd LOVE to have you. In case you can't tell, this game almost entirely revolves around Crystals.

- For the record, the overworld style is roughly 4th gen.


- We are wrapping up the music department, but at this point in time many of our musicians are either very busy with their lives or MIA. If you are a talented musician who has skills with Battle, Locational and Event styled music from Pokemon games we'd love to take a listen to what you've got.

Largescale / Environmental Spriting

- Major points here would be battle backgrounds. They are time consuming and we have all hands on deck with spriters as it is. If you are able to sprite a landscape scenario like we've shown in our videos in the past, we'd love to have you help out.

- As with tile spriters, being able to sprite Crystals would again be a big plus here. General spriting knowledge in terms of 5th gen sprites would be great!


- We have a lot involved in this project! If you'd like to help us clean up loose ends as well as lend a hand to some of our other projects involving Azurite, feel free to apply.

- We are looking for coders skilled in not only Ruby but also C#/C++, node.js and php / mysql.

- Ruby programming would be a large plus of course.

Have Skills? Apply Today!

If you're interested in applying, look no further than HERE. Thanks for reading, and may everyone have a fantastic 2019!!


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