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25th of December - Merry Christmas! Hello Frostyke!

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Merry Christmas, and welcome to our second officially cool update! It's the holidays so it's time to get down to all the sweet presents we've got for you guys, and by that I mean a whopping one new Pokémon reveal!


Frostyke has been on our mind as a reveal for some time, as it's one of our older Pokémon that's been through a lot. He's got some pretty interesting moves and abilities, on top of the fact that he's super adorable! We hope you like him and look forward to seeing him in your journey through the Kuria region! Check out his reveal video below, or go here to see his page.

The Future of Azurite

So I went over a lot of information pertaining to our twitter, future reveals, how we are handling ourselves and plenty more in the last update on Halloween. Please go check that out if you haven't and you have questions! We're going to try to get back into the public promo game as we get further into development again and we will keep you all in the loop moving forward in terms of twitters and social medias and more.

I'm going to go ahead and put out there, that we are looking for new members! Currently we are looking for sprite animators who can help us speed up the process of animating the ingame animations we are using. If you couldn't tell, they're super good but quite time consuming and the amount of content we have is a lot! So any and all help we can get in that field would be fantastic. It is getting done, we just want to get it done a lot faster. We're also always open to programmers with most general knowledge. Specifically, json / C# / Ruby are all fantastic languages we could use some help with all for their own independent reasons. If you think you've got what it takes with programming or sprite animating, we'd love to hear from you! We have an application page on the site as well as a discord you can just head on over to and join.

Speaking of the Discord, make sure you join for all the latest news and to be able to hang out with the developers! We do tease stuff in there sometimes, and also say a lot of nonsense that means nothing at all. So if you're interested in parsing through what's real and what isn't head on over! We hope you enjoy these little reveals, and we look forward to getting closer to completion so we can start laying heavy reveals as well as a release date. So no date yet, and don't expect one anytime soon! But know that we are making massive strides all the time and this whole game has been a lot of fun to work on with our fantastic team. We'll give you another update soon, so thanks for reading and have a happy new year!


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