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Prof. Maple

"Assistance is great, but relying on anyone but myself would be a major weakness."

While on the outside he looks like he wrestles Emboar before breakfast, lunch and dinner, he is actually one of the most gentle and passionate Professors in the world.

Casimir Maple is one of the most prestigious Professors in the world and spends most of his days researching Pokémon behaviors caused by sudden transformations. His most recent research involves the phenomenon of Crystallizations and how it affects Pokémon.

While he loves having people around, he never accepts an assistant. Since the passing of his last assistant, he learned that he had to rely more on himself. This lead him to be a very lonely person, only having a couple of Pokémon, most notably his life-long friend Cosmoose.

"Where most see an impossibility, I see a challenge."

When the name Zirconia is mentioned, the first thing that pops up in people's heads is the word "Ambition".

Zirconia's very life is lead by ambition. From being the head of one of the facilities in Hoenn's Battle Frontier to now being a Professor in the Kuria region focused on unraveling Crystallization to use its power to the advantage of people and Pokémon, she'll always tackle a challenge head-on with nothing stopping her.

She is also an excellent battler, of course, since she was a Frontier Brain. She is known for being one of the most powerful battlers in Kuria, despite sticking more to her job as a Professor nowadays.

Prof. Zirconia

The Professors

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