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Colress returns in Azurite as a very successful businessman in the Kuria region, long after the official games. He took the leftovers of Team Plasma and went on to create the new Plasma Technologies.

Plasma Technologies is responsible for many technological marvels around the region and competes in the region with other tech companies who also saw Kuria as a ripe chance for a business success. One of Plasmatech's greatest new inventions is the MegaDex, which you'll hear more about later.

Currently, Plasmatech is having some major issues with a competitor. The tech side of Team Vitreus. They vandalize the other companies and Colress will need your help to stop them.

The dastardly disco dancer returns in the Kuria region!

Coming from the Orre region, Miror B heard of the many

Sound-type Pokémon around the region. Naturally, this sounded like a glorious place to him.

He resides in a place known as Cantabile City, the musical marvel of the Kuria Region, having his annual show, the Grande Show B, where he takes on other Trainers in a live show battle to show how to combine dancing and battling.

He seems to be partnered with the Gym Leader and Kuria Grand Idol, Deiva

Miror B

Miror B Azurite.png

Returning Characters

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